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By Abigail Manning

The Emerald Realm, #5 Towering Future: A Retelling of Rapunzel

 Fantasy / 202 views / Popular


The magical finale of the Emerald Realm…
A Retelling of Rapunzel.

It’s been over twenty years since the princess of Sybettal mysteriously vanished from her fallen kingdom. Many assumed the princess was slain alongside her parents, but the king of Ashbourne seems to harbor more information than he’s let on.
Living entirely oblivious to the scarring caused by her home kingdom of Ashbourne, the sorceress Elle dreams of exploring the world beyond the walls of her tower. With a magic gift as dangerous as her own, she understands the king’s reasoning for keeping her tucked away. After all, seeing the future can prove to be rather powerful when a war between kingdoms is brewing.
As tension builds between Ashbourne and the other kingdoms of the realm, Prince Miron seeks an opportunity to prove himself useful before his father selects his heir. Knowing his father has some sort of insight into the future, Miron explores the king’s forbidden tower to investigate. When his unexpected arrival startles a vision out of Elle, a terrifying future intertwines them both. Can Elle learn the truth behind her past while battling her pre-determined future? Or will Ashbourne’s strength prove to be too much to stand against?

This book can be enjoyed as a standalone, but is best enjoyed when read in order due to potential spoilers.
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