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By Abigail Manning

The Crystal Realm: A Collection of Retold Christmas Tales

 Christmas / 327 views / Popular


A Festive Retelling of A Christmas Carol, The Gingerbread Man, and The Nutcracker…

In the kingdom of Wiessel, the Festival of the Crystal Star is a greatly beloved celebration that has always been welcomed with mounds of holiday cheer. But this year, some citizens are finding it difficult to indulge in the celebrations… On the eve of the celebration, three women are met with a twist of fate that may put a damper on the festivities.
A young queen struggles with finding joy in her future while dealing with the trauma of her past, an orphaned sixteen-year-old gains a home, only to run from it, and even a starry-eyed dancer finds herself chasing a thief into the night. While the realm celebrates around them, these three must conquer their new enemies while relying on each other in unforeseen manners.
Will the secrets of the Crystal Realm be unraveled? Or will their hearts be left frozen and shattered? Between orphaned royalty, shadowy strangers, and frigid nights in the snow, it seems hard to believe that this festival could have ever been so jolly…

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