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By Heather M Elliott

Star Shadows

 Fantasy / 237 views / Popular

Once every thousand years, the king dies and a successor must be found.

Sir Garek is a knight living in the shadow of his disgraced ancestors. All he wants is to build a better life for his wife but the only person with the power to strip away his ruined title and name is the dying king.

When he reaches the king’s castle, Sir Garek’s request is granted, but the king asks for one favor – that he participate in a quest that will determine the king’s successor. Torn between love of his wife and duty to his king, Sir Garek agrees.

Aided by a pair of magic boots and an oil lamp, he is to face four challenges that unfold in a dimension where time is distorted and decisions can be fatal. As memories of his wife spur him on, Sir Garek sets out on a dangerous quest that could make him king, or kill him.

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