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By Nadine C. Keels

Show Me Silver

 Romance / 303 views / Popular

A love story of priceless grace

He’s a man remade, yet with something to prove.

Back before he came of age, Sterling was the envy of no one. People from his past likely wouldn’t recognize the polished man he is now, thriving in a corporate job that keeps him socially eligible. In secret, he’s been working toward the goal of launching a writing career.

It may be time for the secret to come out when Sterling meets Yvonne, a bestselling author who arrests his imagination. But Sterling soon finds that a connection to Yvonne could mean more than he’s prepared for.

World of Joy

A sweet small-town romance ’Tis her season to reclaim her name. Jhoi: She’s a community youth advocate and also a poet-turned-novelist. For her latest writerly

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