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By Abigail Kay Harris

Seize the Night

 Christmas / 240 views / Popular


An Anthology Honoring the Birth of the Savior

When Oliver is offered help in the search for his son, will he answer the Voice in the night and the forgiveness extended to him?

A lifetime of inferiority; a mistake with tragic consequences—can anything convince Brett that he isn’t too young for Christmas, after all?

A baking mistake pushes a perfectionist out of her comfort zone.

Sometimes forgiveness takes love, patience, and being stranded in a snowstorm.

A young girl struggles to understand Christmas is all about God walking with us through the darkness and making it bright.

Two siblings hurting thousands of miles apart. Will a kindly hero make a way for them to reunite?

A wounded prisoner and a little girl teach us about having a Real Christmas.

During the Christmas of 1945, Lane Mueller just wants to get home but getting from Los Angeles to Amarillo is no easy task when going home is what everyone else wants too.

Featuring various genres sure to please the whole family.

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