By Angie Thompson

Quiet Valor, #0.5: A Shield and a Refuge

 Fantasy / 139 views / Popular


What will it take to guard her dearest treasure?

Blenwyn Osheen is no stranger to hard work and trouble, but the children’s fascination with their father’s anxious forebodings is a problem she doesn’t know how to solve. And so is the kind surgeon who insists on treating her like an equal instead of a servant.

When a particularly disastrous day rocks their world, is there anything Blenwyn can do to protect the family she loves as her own? Can she somehow stop the children’s headlong rush into danger? And when a hand is reached out to help her, will she choose to trust her head or her heart?

A novelette (approximately 1 hour average read time)


The Quiet Valor series follows a diverse group of women seeking to live with strength and courage in a torn and broken world. Because its author can’t do anything the easy way, she describes its genre as Victorian era kingdom adventure with a dash of sweet romance and just a hint of steampunk.

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