Quiet Valor, #1: A Threat and a Promise

 Fantasy / 70 views


What will it take to move beyond her mission?

Jaelyn Rolfe has grown up with a singular purpose: to end the reign of a brutal dictator and rid the world of her father’s terrible legacy. But victory comes with a price, and she soon finds her role in the plot spawning consequences no one anticipated.

Caught unexpectedly between her training and her heart, will Jaelyn find the strength to chart a new course? Can a girl so skilled at deception ever truly earn trust? And when a sudden blow threatens her hard-won triumph, will everything she’s fought for be lost forever?


The Quiet Valor series follows a diverse group of women striving to live with strength and courage in a torn and broken world. Because its author can’t do anything the easy way, she describes its genre as Victorian era kingdom adventure with a dash of sweet romance and just a hint of steampunk.

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