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By Bree Livingston

Caprock Canyon Boxed Set: The Complete Series

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Find your favorite quiet spot to read, cuddle up with a cup of hot cocoa, and escape to Caprock Canyon where the cowboys are rugged, handsome, and devoted to family.

Book 1: The Best Friend’s Billionaire Brother

After five years, Gabby Fredericks returns home for the holidays, not expecting her childhood crush to meet her at the airport. Wyatt West can’t believe how much Gabby has changed since he last saw her and he’s not seeing her as the extra little sister from when he was a kid. Will a little holiday magic bring these two hearts together?

Book 2: The Fake Fiancé’s Billionaire Adversary

Reagan Loveless is long on attitude and short on funds. Hunter West’s family is expecting him to bring home his fiancé. Only he doesn’t have one. Now his options are to come clean or find a fiancé, and there’s only one woman that comes to mind—the one he thinks might be desperate enough to maybe consider it. Will a little holiday cheer bring them the one thing they haven’t been looking for?

Book 3: The Housekeeper’s Billionaire Boss

Molly Hines made a promise not to date after she adopted her brother’s baby. Six months ago, Josiah West hired Molly after witnessing the cute barista getting fired. On a whim, he invites her home—a baby needs to be surrounded by family, right? That old holiday magic is in the air, and these two square pegs find that it’s hard to fight it when they fit together so well.

Book 4: The Fake Girlfriend’s Billionaire Match

Bear West can’t stand the thought of spending one more Christmas as the only single West. Winnie Fordham’s dream of opening her own restaurant dies when the money is stolen. It’s a short-term business arrangement until they realize they might just have all the ingredients to make it forever.

Book 5: The Jilted Bride’s Billionaire Husband

Divorced and pregnant, Skye Alvarez needs cash. She’s still paying for her wedding that lasted just long enough to put her in a desperate situation she can’t see escaping any time soon. Bandit Ochoa can’t inherit his grandfather’s estate unless he marries, but he’s low on prospects with time quickly running out. Will they let their insecurities dictate the future, or will they realize they’re perfect for each other?


He’s assigned to get close to her. She’s an unwitting pawn. When a notorious human trafficker is set free on a technicality, undercover agent Noah

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A lie brought them together. The truth could tear them apart. Knowing her job at Beacon Art Gallery is on shaky ground, Kayleigh Kingston is

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