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By Hope Ann

Legends of Light 2: Song of the Sword

 Fantasy / 172 views / Popular


As the Wingmaster of the Aslarian army, Evrard’s abilities allow him to see things others don’t. They allow him to fight invisible songs that affect soldiers and tides of battle.

It’s a lonesome sort of war in the Melody. One he is slowly losing.

Until the girl in the tower.

Her song matches his own, strengthening it in ways he never thought possible—proof of bond through blood.

But it’s one thing to find someone in the Melody. It’s another thing to track them down in the physical world.

Evrard doesn’t care. If he can find her, maybe she can help his own failing song.

Or maybe the ones holding her captive will capture them both, ending the final battles of the war before they begin.

A Rapunzel retelling, Song of the Sword weaves the timeless elements of hidden towers, flowing golden hair, and powerful songs with mist-covered shadowfens, ancient oaths, and a legendary sword.

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