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By C. R. Kelchner

Lady Glimmer and the Children of Doubt

 Fantasy / 179 views / Popular


Cory never thought he would visit a magical land called Lythéa. He never expected to befriend a flying horse or see a three-headed dragon. But life with Mrs. Glimmer is always full of surprises.

Cory Trivano has the kind of home life that he doesn’t really talk about. His favorite pastime is playing imaginary games with his little sister. However, once a peculiar old lady moves into the apartment next door, Cory’s sister forfeits their games in favor of time at the neighbor’s. Cory doesn’t trust Mrs. Glimmer at first, with her strange habit of offering food but avoiding their questions. What is she hiding? Even so, he finds himself drawn to Mrs. Glimmer. Her kindness is a ray of light.

When life suddenly changes, Cory and his sister find themselves in the care of Mrs. Glimmer.


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