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By J. Grace Pennington

Firmament, #9: Intoxication

 Science Fiction / 181 views / Popular


Something’s not quite right.

Outfitted with the first hyper-warp drive, the Surveyor prepares to test it on a groundbreaking mission. Andi is cautiously optimistic when she learns that her beloved cousin Crash will finally have an official place on the ship.

With new technology, however, comes new challenges.

Another ship arises seemingly out of nowhere to challenge the Surveyor’s accomplishments, and the more Andi learns about everything transpiring around her, the more convinced she becomes that something is not as it should be.

Crash has a hidden struggle that could cost him his career. Their interstellar rival may threaten not only the ship, but time and space itself. Burdened with alarming secrets she never asked for, how can one medical student shoulder the fate of her ship—and perhaps even her galaxy?


Travis Hamilton never expected to be a killer. One day he was studying to become a schoolteacher in the little western town of Spencervale, and

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