By Allison Tebo, Tor Thibeaux, Al Thibeaux, Jaq Thibeaux

Worlds Of Adventure - Issue 2

 Science Fiction / 87 views


T Spec Fiction is a quarterly e-zine dedicated to creating clean speculative fiction for YA and MG readers (though adults would enjoy it, too!).

Runners Alliance:  A corporate informant tries to complete a dangerous mission, but is hunted mercilessly by a skilled bounty hunter. When the inevitable confrontation comes—who will be the survivor?

Adventure For Two: A book of fairy tales inspires a young shepherd to leave his dull village in search of adventure—but a legendary dragon stands in his way.

The Aim High: When the crew of the star cruiser Aim High decides to salvage a deserted cargo ship, first officer Saska is less enthusiastic – especially when she starts to hear and see things.

Star Harvest: When ten-year-old Carrie gets the opportunity she’s been waiting for – a chance to help in the yearly harvest of blue stars – she is over the moon with excitement.  But when disaster strikes and her family’s life is endangered, can Carrie save them?

To A Better Time: In an atmospheric reimagining of the story of King Arthur, a bard saves the son of his dead master by fleeing into an enchanted wood—encountering a mysterious stranger that may hold the very key to the future.

Raid On The Zone — Part 2: With her father gone to buy parts, Cre is left to defend the family oil field from packs of ferrals.  Cre had taken all the precautions she can, but will she be able to save the zone, as the night and the ferrals close in?

The Trent-Featherstone Journals — Episode 2: With their vacation on Venus concluded, Cordelia and Blanche are ready to journey home to Mars.  But when an acquaintance asks them to transport a shipment back to Mars, the two cousins find themselves responsible for a strange and delicate cargo.


CONTENT GUIDE: This is an e-zine dedicated to clean fiction, so there is no sex, swearing, or gore. Several of the stories falls under a G rating and a few are rated PG for action, peril, and thematic elements (such as monsters).

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