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By E.J. Kitchens

To Catch a Magic Thief

 Fantasy / 260 views / Popular


If he helps her, he loses everything. If he doesn’t, she faces a curse worse than death.

She must choose whom to believe, her family or the man whose very presence brings trouble, who might be the Magic Thief himself.

Lady Gabriella Floriason has a perfect life as the beautiful, beloved, enchantress daughter of a duke. But she’s haunted by nightmares and by the tiny scar on her finger that could be nothing or could be the mark of a terrifying curse. But a perfect Floraison could never be cursed, or so she’s been told. But her perfect life begins to unravel the day Marcel Ellsworth, a business guest of her father’s, arrives, and she’s forced to question everything her family told her.

Marcel Ellsworth is a poor, plain, non-magic baron no one much cared for until his daring inventor-enchanter cousin disappears with the plans for the most powerful magical invention ever designed. Everyone thinks Marcel knows where the plans are and are willing to do anything to find them—imprison him, kidnap him, even send the legendary Magic Thief after him. Marcel just wants to save his estate and stay out of trouble. But he needs Alfred Floraison’s help for the former. The latter would take a miracle, for he and Gabriella are constantly thrown together in the middle of some trouble, and she, like everyone else, seems to scorn and distrust him.

But their battle of pride and prejudice should be the least of his worries. The Magic Thief has come, and more than Marcel and the Floraison’s treasures has drawn him into Gabriella’s perfect world. More than her world, more than Marcel’s, will shatter if they can’t catch him.

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