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By E.G. Moore

The Last Dragonfly (Dragonfly Destiny Book 1)

 Fantasy / 229 views / Popular


Eragon meets The Forgetting in this powerful story about friendship, loyalty, and discovering that things aren’t always what they seem.

A magical dragonfly. A science-focused society. Only one can bring the land and her people from the brink of death.

Sixteen-year-old Governor’s daughter Etoiny longs to throw off her upper-class responsibilities and become the first female scientist of Taachat. When she accidentally wounds a thought-extinct dragonfly, she must race to find a bygone cure in order to present it to the Science Society for admission.

While she researches remedies for the dragonfly, she and the creature form a bond that can’t be explained by science. The dragonfly also revives dying blooms all Taachat’s citizens need to stay alive for the next three-year cycle. Her dead mother’s missing journal could offer insight if only Etoiny could find it.

She soon realizes two powerful people are on the hunt for the dragonfly and its healing ability. Just as Etoiny finds a way to save her dragonfly, she discovers horrors her father has allowed in the underbelly of Taachat and it makes her question who she wants to be.

Etoiny must decide whether to claim her place as a renowned scientist by offering the creature for experimentation or sacrifice her dream, team up with her animal friend, and fulfill their magical destiny.


What people are saying about The Last Dragonfly:

4.5 stars – “A charming YA adventure, this story has a mystique all its own.” – Azalea Dabill, Author of the Falcon Chronicles Series

4.5 stars – “A well-written plot. An embraceable story.” Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

4 stars – “E.G. Moore delivers an adventurous story filled with well-written characters and lovely descriptions...[the main character’s] story arc is relatable to anyone who is or has been a teenager. It has science vs magic, power struggles, and a fight for what is right and true.” – Alena Orrison, Author of Natural Disaster

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