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By H. K. Tindle

The Fisherman Who Stole the Storm

 Fantasy / 232 views / Popular

Touched at birth by wild magic from beyond the world, Ephyra Seaheart has always known she’s destined to put her gifts toward a greater purpose.

Frustrated by those who use her for her power, she makes plans to start over, leaving her life as a sailor behind in pursuit of her destiny. What she didn’t plan for was Seamus, a soft-spoken fisherman who knows the taste of true freedom, and whose simple kindness finds its way past Ephyra’s carefully constructed barriers.

Torn between the answers she so desperately craves and the love she doesn’t believe she deserves, Ephyra finds herself confronted with a question: is destiny truly written in the stars, or is it a course she’s free to set for herself?

Set thirty years before the events that would launch her name into legend, this is the story of the girl with the storm in her heart, and the man who loved her enough to weather the waves.

A clean, no-spice fantasy romance. Rated mild plus for one intense sequence of attempted assault, not graphically described. All other content is mild.

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