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By Kendra E. Ardnek

The Ever After Maneuver, #1: Pumpkin War PREORDER

 Fantasy / 251 views / Popular


All’s fair till it isn’t a game…

Go to a ball, meet the prince, fall in love.
It’s all simple process, though Elindala knows better than to fall in love with the prince. She wears a glamour that molds her into his perfect woman, and as soon as she has his heart, she will play the part of a faithful wife until she has torn down the defenses and has laid bare his kingdom for her family’s attack. She just has to keep up the walls around her heart that have kept her safe her whole life.

Christof knows that all isn’t right with his new bride. Ella’s story has a few too many holes, and she’s keeping a few too many secrets. However, she is the woman he’s chosen, and he’s determined to win her heart the way that she has stolen his. His parents worry, but he’s sure that a little patience and care is all it’ll take. After all, she’s clearly not had much of that from her stepfamily.

War threatens, and secrets abound. Whose heart is forfeit, and whose kingdom will remain standing at the end of the Pumpkin War?

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