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By Lillian Keith

The Daviron Chronicles, #2: Because You Saw Me

 Fantasy / 151 views / Popular


Would Nari ever be happy if she learned the truth? Agatha swallowed hard. She knew what her friend would say.

As an orphan in Daivron, Agatha has learned to scavenge for anything that might prove useful. When she picks up an innocent-looking button box, she unwittingly incurs the wrath of a shadowy stranger. While being chased through the alleyways of a city that’s turned its back on her, will Agatha use the box’s hidden treasure to escape to a better future? Or will she follow her beloved friend’s advice and do the right thing?

Return to Daviron in the companion novella of An Apprentice Escapes.

Note From the Author: Hey there! So sorry for the inconvenience, but I just found out that I can’t put the An Apprentice Escapes ebook on sale for Black Friday this year; however, the ebook will still be $1.99 and the paperback price has been lowered from $9.99 to $7.99 on Amazon, if you’d prefer to check that out. Thanks for understanding, and I hope you find a lot of great books this year!


Lillian Keith

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