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By C.K. Beggan

Tara's Necklace #2: Girl of Glass and Fury

 Fantasy / 191 views / Popular


Enter the YA, no spice portal fantasy worlds of Tara’s Necklace, where two girls counted out by everyone will find their own unique strengths.

Save the world. Lose yourself.

They call me a true wisp, as if that’s all there is to me. But when I find the secrets to our ancestors’ magic, they’ll wish they never doubted me.

I’m going to save this good-for-nothing world.

Finchoa isn’t like the other girls. Thanks to her ghost-like body she can’t be with the boy she cares for, can’t help her best friend and—most frustratingly of all—she can’t cross the gate linking her world to that of the shadows.

But Finchoa longs for magic, just as she burns for every wisp to be treated fairly. As her determination morphs into rage, she will stop at nothing to uncover the ancestors’ lost sorcery and change her world. And if that means exploring the ruined ancient cities to find it, so be it. The only trouble?

Magic has a cost, and what Finchoa finds in the mountains will change her life forever.

I can’t lose the people I love.

Note: Girl of Glass and Fury (Tara’s Necklace Book Two) can be read before Girl of Shadow and Glass (Tara’s Necklace Book One).

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