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By Sarah Beran

Spring of Sparkling Song

 Fantasy / 215 views / Popular


A missing princess. A magic flute. An adventure retold.

Prince Tamric Madeus was expecting nothing more than a routine tour of the Spring Court. When an encounter with a dragon disrupts all of his carefully laid plans, his mysterious rescuers tell him the tale of a captive princess held by a powerful enchanter. As a second-born prince with a penchant for scholarship rather than physical prowess, Tamric leaps at the chance to become the hero that he’s always wanted to be.

After running away from home, Princess Mina finds herself in a bit of a bind. Her search for the mysterious Shield of the Sun has led her to nothing but a dead end, her steps are dogged by a dark and looming figure, and the help she was hoping to enlist is nowhere to be found.

With the aid of his flute, a bird-brained companion, and a little bit of magic, will Tamric be able to rescue the princess? Or is there more to the story than first meets the eye?

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