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By Erica Laurie

One Thousand Winters

 Fantasy / 257 views / Popular


An epic love story that spans multiple lifetimes.

In the Fairy Realm, Jingyi lives alone and tends to her flowers. Although the immortal general Yifeng is kind to her, most of the other fairies ignore her because of her frozen magical root. When Jingyi learns that Yifeng’s favorite fruit is a divine peach that grows once every ten thousand years, she agrees to help pick one.

While there, Jingyi comes across a wounded man, guarded by little spirit wisps. The wisps beg her to help. Mistaking the man for an immortal she aids him, only later to learn he’s the missing dragon prince, Deng Longwei.

Jingyi has always been told that dragons are the enemy, but when she is in peril, Longwei is the first to step in to save her. When she is soon branded a traitor, she is left with no choice but to follow Longwei. But not all the dragons are pleased to have a fairy in their mists, their newly returned king protecting her.

As Jingyi comes to love Longwei, she must decide how far she is willing to go to protect both her people and the dragons, even if it will cost her everything.

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“This is a story to savor. Kandi J. Wyatt brings characters and settings into vivid life with exceptional skill. Epic fantasy lovers won’t want to

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