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By J. Grace Pennington

If Stars Can Break the Darkness Down

 Non-fiction / 205 views / Popular


Love. Depression. Hope.

Coming into your own as a new adult can be a tumultuous experience, full of struggle, emotions, and discovery. In this collection of 25 pieces of poetry and prose written between ages 22 and 28, J. Grace Pennington explores and recounts her own journey from confusing and often dark young adulthood to the hope and joy of new motherhood.

Through it all is woven a single, unifying thread — no matter the depth of the struggle, there is the substance of things hoped for in the love and care of a Savior. And like the stars in the night sky, sometimes this love shines brightest in the darkest of times.


Travis Hamilton never expected to be a killer. One day he was studying to become a schoolteacher in the little western town of Spencervale, and

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