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By Lynn Renard

Faery's Rebellion

 Fantasy / 273 views / Popular

Ambition-driven chef. Unwilling slave master. Now, by conviction, rebel.

Once-honored faery Snow robs two kings when he escapes the Roots Court with the human slaves he was supposed to keep contained. His only regret is that he wasn’t able to also free his enslaved stepfather or eradicate the threat against his entire court, but there has to be a way to finish what he started.

While stuck in a tiny forest shack with seven humans, Snow works with their princess Ingro to organize a full-scale revolt. But evil plays with sacred apples, and a loved one betrays him into a trap.

Who can he trust? And what must he sacrifice in his final bid to end the slavery of two races?

Readers who enjoy messages of faith mixed in with their fantasy will love this gender-swapped retelling of Snow White.

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