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By Daniel Dydek

By Ways Unseen

 Fantasy / 226 views / Popular


What if your life seemed to take you down a road not of your choosing? Would you fight it? Or follow and see if it led you where you wanted to go? These are Haydren’s choices.

His past forgotten,
his future taken away…

And in the present, the Provinces are falling. From the south, the immortal Knights of Galessern raid. From the north, the trees of the Kalen Woods have awoken, and are hungry for their second city. And from the east, Haydren Loren flees a childhood bully whose hate is now fully grown, and capable of murdering his way to becoming the Earl.

Haydren might find safety in the west. Or, he may find himself suddenly forced on a suicidal mission: face and defeat Lasserain, the strongest mage history has ever seen.

The God only knows the ways they must go—He, and a voice in Haydren’s head that is constantly growing louder.

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