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By E. G. Bella

The Secretive Seas Series #1: Cabin Girl

 Historical Fiction / 237 views / Popular


Eight years ago, young Éirinn O’Connell’s papa disappeared at sea.

Many sleepless nights later, in the rolling hills of 1600’s Ireland, Éirinn has given up on his return – while her mama continues to watch the horizon, her grasp of reality slipping. Desperate to provide for her and her sister, Éirinn learns all she can of medicine and spends her days struggling to assist villagers who shun her for her crooked back.

Then in one brutal night, Barbary pirates raid her village, and Éirinn is dragged from her family and the only home she’s ever known.

Set on a course to Morocco, and amidst a crew as turbulent as the ocean around her, Éirinn is forced to tend to the sick quartermaster. In addition, she must serve as cabin girl to the infamous Captain Gills, a hard-hearted man bent on thwarting her every attempt to return home…to the family she prays still lives.

As Éirinn searches for a way home, she soon finds that all is not what it seems aboard The Lonely Eye. Unrest brews and mutiny whispers. Allies appear in unexpected places. A cunning enemy plots. Who can she trust? Will her God carry her through the storms? And how can she survive the Captain’s constant torment?

The answers are unlike anything she expects.

Sail ahead for this compelling and twist-filled tale of pirates, faith, family, and second chances. You won’t want to put it down!

  • YA Christian historical adventure novel
  • Book one in The Secretive Seas Series
  • Can be read as a standalone
  • Book length: approximately 83,000 words

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