By Kendra E. Ardnek

The Bookania Quests, #4: Honor: A Quest In

 Fantasy / 145 views / Popular


Once upon a time…

Robin and Eric had hoped for a peaceful stay in Skewwood and a break from the disapproval of Eric’s father. Then, what should’ve been a routine mission turns sour, and Eric, Robin Hood, and several of Robin Hood’s men are captured Now it’s up to Robin and Maid Marian to gather allies and rescue their husbands from their captors. But betrayal, trickery, and surprising enemies await them along the way, and only by trusting the Author can they hope to succeed.

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The Ankulen

Fifteen-year-old Jen can’t remember her imagination. She knows she had one once, though, and honestly, she’d like it back. It’s been eight years. One day

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