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By Allyson Kennedy

Speak Your Mind

 Contemporary / 79 views


Middle school is bad enough. It’s worse when you’re the shy kid.

Victoria Harding has been called many names during her time at Grahamwood Junior High: Loner. Stalker. Teacher’s Pet. Kids have even joked that she’s formed an evil plot against the school, because you can never trust the quiet ones.

But Victoria is armed with nothing but her vivid imagination, content within laying low in her own little world, where she’s able to battle against the school’s dragons and trolls with her quick wit and confidence. If only that could become her reality.

Victoria finds peace in silence, but her social anxiety is deafening. When her new neighbor, Aiden, comes knocking on her door, all Victoria wants to do is stay within the comfortable confines of her castle, alone with her daydreams and mystery books. But Aiden has another plan, and does the one thing few have ever done for her: listen.

Perfect for fans of Flipped and Restart, Speak Your Mind is an upper middle grade Christian fiction novel for shy readers who just want to be heard.

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