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By Rachel Kovaciny

Once Upon a Western, #4: My Rock and My Refuge

 Historical Fiction / 241 views / Popular


Beauty and the Beast… re-imagined…

Marta knows she shouldn’t feel this way toward Mr. Wendell. She needs to keep her job as his servant, especially because her family back in Germany depends on the money she and her brother Jakob send home. Marta’s new feelings can’t be as important as helping her family save their bakery, can they?

Marta doesn’t want to believe the rumors that Mr. Wendell profited from another’s tragedy to gain his wealth. Although his face bears terrible scars, she sees past them to his kind and generous heart. Still, she wonders why he never leaves his big house high in the Colorado mountains. Does he hide himself away because of his disfigured face, or because he has a guilty conscience?

While Marta tries to push away her questions, others are determined to find answers. Their efforts lead to a fresh tragedy that threatens Marta’s hope of finding happiness with Mr. Wendell. Will Marta fail her family and her new friends, or will God bless her efforts to build a happy future for them all?

My Rock and My Refuge was named a 2023 WILLA Literary Award Finalist in Young Adult Fiction and Nonfiction and the 2023 PenCraft Awards 2nd place winner for Christian Historical Fiction.

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