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By Azalea Dabill

Fantastic Journey - The Soul of Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Adventure

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Imaginative fiction is a key to our future . . .

The soul of fantasy adventure benefits us on three levels:

* The spiritual arena

* The wide world of ideas

* And the sphere we breathe in

Why do the quest and the hero’s journey draw us all?  What difference does it make?

Beauty, mystery, and adventure are vital to our spirits. Fantastic journeys invite us to search beyond what we see for truth, to dig deeper for courage.

We bring up select jewels from the deep and explore mountain troves of fiction to whet your appetite for the riches heaped on untold shores.  Heroes and heroines show us how to identify true gems and sell them not. How to discern friends and endless possibilities with our inner eye, and to touch and to taste the truths of life in realms near and far.

Take our first plunge into the sea of fantasy. And we will discover that which is the wealth of souls.

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