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By M.H. Elrich

Daughters of Tamnarae #2: Etania's Calling

 Fantasy / 304 views / Popular


Etania has a big secret…

Six months after she saves Southern Tamnarae, Etania’s father returns from hunting Jazel. He asks Etania to travel north with him and use her abilities as a Vexli to capture Jazel, but there’s one problem. Etania doesn’t have any Neuma. It’s a secret she’s kept from Keyel and Jakin while overseeing the Changed.

Hoping she can deal with Jazel and return home without anyone finding out, Etania embarks on the quest. But the charming Prince of the north, Zaden, quickly discovers the truth. Can she trust this mysterious prince to keep her secret, or will lies lead to disaster?

Find out in this Christian Fantasy sequel to Etania’s Worth.

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