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By Jessica Marie Holt

A Simple Plan

 Contemporary / 285 views / Popular


Once upon a time, Holden had it pretty good–a nice home, a good family, and a comfortable life. But he wanted more. With stars in his eyes, he set out to make something of himself. Now, after a few disastrously wrong turns, he’s ambling aimlessly through life with his guitar, Betsy, as his only companion. So far, he’s been content to wander, but when he breezes into a new town, everything begins to change. Then winter closes in, and Holden must make a choice. Keep running from himself, or face his past, and change his future.

Reluctantly Yours

Ellie and June have been neighbors and best friends forever. Together, they’ve weathered it all—marriages, babies, strange wardrobe choices, terrible haircuts, small-town gossip—only to have

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He was willing to do anything. Talk about anything, they said. She hadn’t ever done anything. You can do anything. In this heartwarming collection, thirteen

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