By Emily Golus

World of Vindor #2: Mists of Paracosmia

 Fantasy / 186 views / Popular


How can you save a world disappearing around you?

A menacing fog spreads through Vindor, wiping memories as it goes. It’s time for Megan to return—but somehow Vindor gets her brother instead.

Arden Bradshaw knows nothing about his sister’s dream world, but he jumps at the chance to train as a warrior. Guardian Selena has other plans, though, and sends him on a quest to the legendary city of N’gozi, accompanied by a spunky Nomad and a grumpy mermaid.

Journeying along the Blackwater River, Arden and his new friends face unexpected dangers when they stumble into a deadly conspiracy—and discover a terrible truth about the world of Vindor.

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