By E Hall

Wolf Shifter Diaries

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Read this complete clean paranormal shifter, vampire, and fae fantasy romance that hits the swoony spots and takes the characters beyond their borders on a quest to save the world from monsters, including themselves.

Book 1: Life Fated For graduation, Kenna’s mom sends her on a trip to Concordia—a European country she’s never heard of. Turns out her father lives there…along with werewolves, vampires, and other monsters. She also meets Corbin, wolf shifter…and her fated mate. Too bad he’s hunting her to protect his pack.

Book 2: Lies Tamed After searching all of Concordia, Kenna finally finds her outcast father. And learns her magic makes her brutal and cruel. Corbin wants to protect me, but she protection from herself. Something sinister is going on and it involves shifters and vampires. She’s caught in the middle but has to stop the monster inside.

Book 3: Loss Hunted As conflict grows, the pack fears for their safety and struggles to maintain the secrecy of their world, including Kenna’s identity. Corbin takes off, forcing Kenna to turn the tables and hunt him, leading her to discover a curse that must be broken.

Book 4: Love United Kenna, Corbin, and the pack escape the frigid north for a tropical island vacation, but the call of the wild gets loud when all they want to do is relax. They find themselves facing the biggest danger and adversary yet as the past collides with the present, and Kenna must fight to unite with her true love again.

This series is perfect for readers on Team Jacob and fans of K.M. Shea, Bridget E. Baker, and Stephanie Meyer.

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