By Tammy Lash

White Wolf, #1: White Wolf and the Ash Princess

 Historical Fiction / 375 views / Popular


Grace Award Finalist!

White Wolf and the Ash Princess is a delicious, fictional blend that is sure to please any reader. Historical, romance, adventure, faith-based, with a fairy-tale feel!

Book Description:

Memory loss prohibits Izzy from remembering her life before age seven. All she knows is the terrible trauma left her with physical scars. Now, eleven years later in seventeenth-century England, Izzy’s crippling panic is determined to keep her locked in the Gudwyne Estate and away from her past. It’s Tubs, the young stable boy, that finally encourages her to venture beyond the property’s rock wall into a world that promises answers but also great danger. But the answers are nowhere near what Izzy expected, and she learns that her past has been hidden away by the one person she trusted most.

Many years ago, in an effort to right the wrongs his father forced him to commit, Jonathan saved a young Ojibwe girl and made a deal with her tribe – he’d keep her safe in England temporarily but bring her back home when she came of age. The problem is, he’s fallen in love with her. But how can she love him back when the darkness of his past is so thoroughly entwined with hers?

A cellar full of secrets sets both of them on a path to the New World. In the wilds of America, Izzy and Jonathan discover the legends they see aren’t the fairytales from back home, and both will have to accept the darkness of their pasts if they hope to move forward into a brighter future together.

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