By Savannah Jezowski

When Ravens Fall Hardcover Special Edition

 Fantasy / 211 views / Popular


Norse Mythology and Fairy Tales collide in this epic collection of stories in the When Ravens Fall Series. The Special Edition includes the original novella, as well as two short stories and almost 12K of Bonus Material from the next book in the series. Meet beloved characters retold in new and exciting ways, like Tosk the Gossiping Squirrel, Loki the Trickster, and Odin’s Ravens. Battle dragons, break curses and explore themes of forgiveness and coping with loss.

When Ravens Fall: To save Odin’s son Baldur from a terrible curse, a raven enlists the help of a dragon slayer’s daughter…but at what cost to her heart? Beauty and the Beast meets Norse mythology in this clever retelling.

Well of Fate: Discontent with his life as a tale-spinner, Ratatosk the squirrel goes searching for the Well of Fate hoping he can change his destiny. When he faces unexpected dangers beneath Yggdrasil, Tosk will have to choose between saving himself or risking all to do the right thing.

Trickster Rising: When Loki and his friends venture into Helheim, the young trickster finds himself pitted against a hungry giant, the queen of the dead, and his own deceptive nature. When tricksters collide, who will win?

Journey through the Niflheim, delve beneath the roots of Yggdrasil, and venture into the land of the dead with flawed but lovable characters in this collection of Norse-inspired tales set in a magical fantasy world.

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