By Nadine C. Keels

We Were Real

 Romance / 195 views / Popular


“Our heartstrings are waiting for music we’ve yet to play…”

In the town where singer-songwriter Nikkita Creighton grew up, the draw of music once led to a wondrous encounter that changed her life. She soon went on to experience the warmth, hilarity, and safety of one of the closest friendships she’d ever known.

Yet, so much shattered for Nikkita after a twisted betrayal of her trust, an assault on her body, and an appalling scandal that left a sacred community crumbling.

Now, Nikkita’s music career is bringing her back to the first big stage she ever performed on. She wouldn’t have thought of this as a homecoming. But having survived the effects of deceit, Nikkita may finally recapture something intensely true.

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