By Elisabeth Grace Foley

Wanderlust Creek and Other Stories

 Historical Fiction / 56 views


A gunfighter refuses to explain to his friends why he backed down from a fight.

The proprietress of the busiest eating-house in town deals with a stagecoach-load of troubles at the height of the noonday rush.

A hotel night clerk finds himself in on odd position after he allows an exhausted traveler to stay in a reserved room.

And in the title story, a young rancher and his wife struggle to hold onto their land and their dreams in the face of adversity from weather, enemies—and even doubts of each other.

If you enjoy character-driven Westerns with heart and humor, like those of B.M. Bower and Eugene Manlove Rhodes, you’ll love the six short stories in this collection.

Left-Hand Kelly

Practicing his quick draw seemed a harmless amusement…until the day a boys’ quarrel exploded into gunplay. Sixteen-year-old Lew Kelly grew up idolizing his enigmatic ex-gunfighter

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