By Roz Marshall

Unicorn Magic

 Fantasy / 370 views / Popular

Who knew riding a unicorn would be so much fun?
If Scottish teenager Corinne MacArthur had known what the Feyland computer game really was, she might have found a different way to escape her everyday life… But, with a majestic faerie King, a magical unicorn and a handsome bard, why wouldn’t she want to play?

However, it’s a game that comes with dangerous adversaries—like the Wild Hunt, who pick up Corinne’s trail, their ghastly hounds baying for blood. Her blood.

Escaping their slavering fangs will take all her gamer skills—and perhaps hitching a lift on a nearby unicorn. Will galloping on a mythical beast be anything like riding a horse in real life? To survive, she may just have to find out…

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