This Fairy Tale Love

 Romance / 42 views


Love isn’t always a fairy tale…
Lucy Levitt is too busy with her family’s ranch and her job to partake in romance. She believes God will give her the right man when the time is right and she won’t risk any mistakes. But when the new bachelor in town asks her to the mayor’s dinner party, can Lucy take a chance on what appears to be a match made in heaven?
Edward Prosner is determined to restore his father’s honor among his peers, but he’ll have to play dirty, too. If he can prove the town’s mayor cheated in a race against Ed’s father, then he’ll be happy. But he can’t even find a date for the mayor’s party–until he meets Lucy, a woman who still believes in fairy tales. If Ed can’t fix his mistakes, then he’ll miss the only happily ever after he’s ever wanted.

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