By Selina J. Eckert

This Curse, #1: This Cursed Flame

 Fantasy / 189 views / Popular


Janan has been on the run for years. But her true nature may just force her to confront the very evil that created her.

Genie Janan is a misfit in two worlds: not human enough to live with humans, but not djinn enough to be a djinn. She’s spent years running from the evil djinn who created her—and from her own magic—until a djinn revolution threatens what little safety she’s managed to find. Even worse, she soon learns her powers are much darker than she’d ever imagined.

Laurelin dreams of being the world’s next great chemist, but a rejection from the college prep program of her dreams sends her into a tailspin. But when Laurelin finds a glass bottle, she uncorks more than a genie. She is thrust into a world of myth and fairy tales… and surrounded by an impending magical war.

Can genie and human work together before time runs out? Or will the djinn conquer them and shroud both their worlds in death and dark magic?

This Cursed Flame is the wished-for first YA urban fantasy novel in the This Curse series. If you like imaginative fantasy, unlikely companions, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Selina J. Eckert’s enchanting book.

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