By SJ Blasko

There is Us: an Anthology

 Non-fiction / 219 views / Popular

The There is Us anthology was born from a desire to find a tangible way for small creators to help with COVID-19 relief efforts. It operates using the stone soup principle— many hands make light work, and a little bit from everyone makes a beautiful thing. One creator might not have the time, tools, or enough material to put together an entire not-for-profit collection, but if everyone chips in, a few weeks later you’ll have almost a 200-page book.

The hope is that even while sales from this collection are going to organizations providing much-needed aid around the world, the pieces inside will uplift and soothe the souls of those trapped inside and longing for human connection.

In just a little over a month, this project has brought together over a dozen poets, writers, artists, and photographers from multiple countries and all levels of experience. For some, this is their first published work, while others have been doing this for years.

These creators join together to share their voices in a collection that rings with the truth that while our experiences are not universal, our humanity is.

There is more than death here. There is us.

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