By P.D. Atkerson

The Villain's Hero

 Science Fiction / 175 views / Popular

Fitz was just searching for answers; he wasn’t looking to become a superhuman.

Growing up in Mrs. Lewis’ orphanage has never been easy, but the thought of one day leaving the place and finding his family is what’s always kept him going, moving forward, and fighting on. When he’s given the chance to find his birth family, he takes it, not knowing that choice will change his life forever.

Working as one of the Government’s top super soldiers for the past ten years, Reed follows his orders without question or hesitation. Whether that means bringing in his fellow superhumans, or taking them out. The Shadow always gets the job done. So when he’s given the order to track Fitz down, he does.

Your power doesn’t define whether you’re a hero or a villain, but it’s the choices you make that define you.

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