By Jes Drew

The Ninja and Hunter Series, #3: The Time I Saved the World

 Science Fiction / 168 views / Popular


Charisa O’Dell has enough on her plate trying to live a normal life despite her superpowers. But when a mysterious menace acquires superpowers of his own, she fights back. However, even with Hunter and her dad by her side, she is sorely outnumbered. And Hunter just complicates things more…

When the menace sets his sights on the world, they face a global apocalypse with only one hope. A hope that could destroy that which Charisa holds most dear. As she faces coming of age, a countdown, and a choice, she knows very well that she might not survive an attempt to stop the menace. And even if she does sacrifice everything, will it be enough to save the world?

This is the epic finale to the teenage superhero action-drama where ships burn or set sail, the world either ends or doesn’t, and one young woman faces her greatest fear and her stalker to save everyone possible in what may very well be her last stand. With or without her first kiss . . .

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