The Tempo of Kindness #2: The Love We Grow

 Romance / 23 views


After years of stumbling, Beau has picked up his life as a musician and songwriter. Now with a collection of music students, opportunity to produce his own songs, and a loving fiancée, he’s found his happiness. To pay it forward, he starts an initiative to advocate for budding young musicians, including his own students.

After helping so many brides with their dream weddings, Kate is finally planning her own. When her parents return from a long trip overseas, the news of Kate’s engagement is a complete and unwelcome surprise. Torn by differences of opinion, their wedding plans hit snag after snag. Despite her strong faith, through the dead of winter, her inner struggles only deepen.

Beau strives to get his inaugural musical showcase off the ground. With a leap of faith and the help of some trusted friends, success is in sight. But as stress takes its toll on Kate, his focus is shifted. As spring blossoms, what will it take to overcome?

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