The Seven Lives of Grace

 Fantasy / 49 views


She has only seven days to choose her destiny…

Grace leads a fairy-tale-free existence in rainy Seattle, struggling to provide for her frail mother and younger sister. But when a mysterious package arrives from her eccentric aunt, she is suddenly thrown into a whirlpool of unusual events.

Named the next “carrier of the gifts”, she has only one week to sort through her supernatural inheritance or lose it all.

But in this story crystal slippers don’t fit, “fairy godmothers” don’t show up, and the prince might not be so easy to charm.

As Grace blunders through unpredictable magic that challenges her beliefs and uncovers the wounds of her past, everything she holds dear is put on the line. Will she rise up to her true calling before the clock strikes midnight on her 25th birthday?

This contemporary fantasy is both fun and inspirational. A fast read suitable for all ages with some intrigue and romance thrown in the mix. 

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