By Angela Castillo

The River Girl's Christmas

 Christmas / 180 views / Popular

Join Zillia and Soonie for a Christmas reunion they’ll never forget.

Christmas of 1892 promises to be exciting for Zillia Eckhart, especially after she finds out her best friend and sister-in-law, Soonie, is coming home.

Soonie is anxious for her family to meet her husband, Lone Warrior. But threats line the Texas trails.

The two friends find themselves in a struggle for faith and family like they’ve never faced before. But family ties run swift and deep, sure as the Colorado River.

“A very good story with a lot of action through out the entire book.”–Amazon Reviewer

“Great conclusion and wrap up of the trilogy of Texas Women of Spirit…highly recommend , great characters and storylines.”–Amazon Reviewer

“While this may be a work of fiction, the author has created a very beautiful and believable story.”–Amazon Reviewer

Clean, Christian family fiction.

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