By Alicia Gilliam

The Reckoning Trees

 Contemporary / 96 views


Seth must choose . . .

Surrender his search or his sanity.

And if he doesn’t change, he might lose them both.

Will his wife’s murder remain unsolved in the hands of a small town sheriff’s department? 

Praying for answers in his beloved trees hasn’t gotten him anywhere. God seems to only make things worse with an old-fashioned dare.

Trust Me. 

Can he really give it all up? Trade in searching for trusting? 

Maybe. But what if the runaway prostitute and the five-year-old boy wandering through his woods hold the very answers he’s been searching for?

Seth could offer them protection from the looming threats outside his home. 

But the worst enemies don’t always lurk in the woods. Sometimes they’re buried right inside of you. 

A redemptive mystery. A subtle romance. A story for anyone who’s ever wrestled with God. Delve into its pages. When you come back up for air, your faith will be stronger for it. 

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