By Natasja Eby

The Onepian Chronicles, #8: Into the Stars

 Romance / 174 views / Popular


Leo Griff is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he’s chosen to perform on the Novian Fly-By research mission, helping keep researchers’ spirits up on the long journey. He would be happy… if he hadn’t just lost his beloved grandfather. Thankfully, his childhood friend Jase is willing to travel with him, a much needed reminder of the only home he’s ever known.

Sirina Arcane is still grieving her late fiancé when the next mission starts. Her best friend Geena knows Siri sees him around every corner of the massive ship they’ve lived on for years. To make matters worse, her father, the captain, has mysteriously requested that she stay far away from him and the other crew.

While Siri and Leo bond over shared grief, Jase and Geena prove that opposites attract. But when the four new friends uncover a sinister plot aboard the Rimornavis, how will they find peace when they’re in danger and stranded among the stars?

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