By Natasja Eby

The Onepian Chronicles, #5: To Earth and Back

 Romance / 153 views / Popular


In order to advance his career, Officer Cadet Larson Ryson takes a one-year contract on the last planet he ever wants to see—Earth. The assignment would be easy, if not for Captain Samantha “Gruff” Griff’s constant protests over his arrival

It’s bad enough that the visiting officer cadet is young and attractive, but worse that Gruff must accompany him around the world. She hates flying and she doesn’t want to hear the long list of what’s wrong with the planet. He loves being a pilot and can’t deny empirical evidence.

But the more Lars and Gruff study the most remote corners of Earth, the more they realize how much they have in common. Can they put aside their differences to uncover the truth behind the rapid state of the planet’s decay? And what will happen to them when they do?

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