By Natasja Eby

The Onepian Chronicles, #4: The Last Prince of Onepus

 Romance / 145 views / Popular


Annia has spent years trying to get over her childhood crush. So when he asks her to take on a special mission with his task force, the answer is obvious—yes.

Harper’s got one thing on his mind: taking down the man who is threatening all life on Onepus. But when Annia agrees to help him, suddenly that makes two things. And he’s not sure which is more dangerous.

All she has to do is date a certain Mr. Highmore and get some information from him. But things get complicated the closer to she gets to him…and the closer she gets to Harper.

With the clock ticking, Annia must discover Highmore’s secret in time to save Onepus. But will she lose her most cherished treasure in the process?

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