By Natasja Eby

The Onepian Chronicles, #3: Co-Piloting the RR5

 Romance / 108 views / Popular


Cammer has never been bothered by living in his brother Rahli’s shadow, so he easily agrees to go on a cross-galaxy trip he’d rather have nothing to do with.

But when they meet two sisters running away from the man who held them captive for years, Cam’s passive nature is tested. Rahli and Jani may not get along, but that doesn’t keep Cam and Sapphi from their instant attraction.

When Cam is presented with the opportunity to stop the trafficker who so cruelly took Jani and Sapphi long ago, he can’t refuse. Even if it’s the scariest thing he’s ever had to do.

Cam will need a courage he’s never had before to fight the bad guys. But if they succeed, will he have to let go of the one person he loves the most?

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